Of These Bones & Branches

Well, to start off the year I’m going to post the last project I actually completed! That’s not true, I’ll post more completed projects later, but I’m stoked about this one. I was invited to participate in the first ever Street Anatomy gallery show at the Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago last year and decided to collaborate with fellow artist and anatomy lover, Colleen Stockmann, to create this brand new piece for it.

Of These Bones and Branches was draw by yours truly and all the text was conceived and executed by Colleen. Although it’s not shown here (yet) the bones were all cut out and stitched together to form a complete skeleton puppet on the Terms page. I’ll be sure to take photographs of the actual pieces and post them later, stay tuned!


many months ago

It has certainly been a reaaaaaally long time since I’ve posted here. But, I guess that means I’ve been busy. My summer/fall was taken up by Papergirl SF, which was a great success. You can check out the site and stuff I was working on for it at papergirl-sf.com. PG2011 is currently in the works. So, for the first time in a long time, I sat down to draw a little something, and this is what I came up with. Oryx and Crake, after a friends band.

Original sketch.

Me futzing with photoshop and trying out some new textures.


Marsh Tit

Well, January had me finishing up a Marsh Tit tattoo commission for Kenneth, among other bits and bobs. I received an e-mail with a request to draw the little bird much in the style of my fawn drawing. Above is the final result, and below is the image he requested a model it after. No word on the inks yet, but I’ll be sure to update this post if Kenneth provides me with any images of the completed tat. Stay tuned!

Sea Dragon Tattoo

A long time ago I drew a customized sea-dragon tattoo for one of my best buds based on some old etchings she showed me, low and behold, at last is has been realized!!!!! Congrats to Sad for the awesome new ink! Warms my wee heart :)

and the original drawing, an archaic looking sea dragon:

After Edmund CAGE TEE

This was a nice surprise, I randomly decided to check out the site for a band I did a shirt design for a while ago and, low and behold, it made it to print!  Check it out:

You can see it better on the site (or buy it) by CLICKING HERE and checking out the Bandtee section. It’s the red one, with the bird cages. Hmmm, I never did get a finished one. I wonder if they’ll make me buy it…

A Good Year

A small gift for Coll, happy 27th!!! Check out more images of this little guy on Behance!


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